A New Year's Prayer for 2019

“you are my refuge and my shield; your word is my source of hope”


I’m giving you all that I am in my weakness and emptiness, surrendering my heart and my loves- everything I have to give is all yours. Draw me close to your heart. In your kindness, Daddy, draw me into the current of your love, your music, your heartbeat. Be gentle with me and give me a drink from your river of delights.

Would you give me grace to seek and find you more and more. I long to know your heart.

as I savor your presence, pour out your love-song like a thick cloud covering all around me - intoxicating to me and others. would you be my atmosphere, the air I breathe?

Jesus, saturate me with your life- and your spirit. I submit to your heart… carry me, lead me, woo me, change me, cover me, hold me.

Set my heart on fire for you and the things of your heart.

If it’s your will, rekindle your dreams and vision in my heart- your word for your glory.

resurrect what’s dead….resuscitate what’s gone limp and forgotten- for the good of those around me and this world that you made and love.

Burn on my heart the vision for your kingdom come and your will be done- on earth as it is in heaven. amen

“heaven and earth” tryptic/ closeup

“heaven and earth” tryptic/ closeup

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