We the Kingdom

“The heart of We The Kingdom is to create music that candidly tells how God reached into the middle of our brokenness, and drew us into His story of redemption.”

I’ve loved the opportunity to work with this band. My “Dancing on The Waves” sketch is what’s on their sweatshirts they sell at their shows.

I also have one of my paintings hanging over one of their beds at their retreat center. It’s been a pleasure working with them.

On River Time

On River Time’s mission is to serve children who are survivors of abuse and neglect. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to do a collaborative piece with a few of the girls they’ve rescued to raise funds for their organization.

If you would like to learn more about the work they do, please visit


Alison Ritch

Friend and Songwriter Alison Ritch invited me to paint a piece based on her title track, “Heaven Holds.”

Alison is an ICU nurse by day and wrote this song for her patients who many times have no realistic hope of healing, whether in body, mind, or spirit; and sometimes not even a way to reach out for it.

“My conclusion is not really a conclusion; just a confidence that somehow, heaven holds it all.”

The painting hangs in the Hospital where Alison serves.

Andy Gullahorn

“The Brave One” collaboration with Andy Gullahorn (my painting based on his song)was a sweet and unexpected surprise and gift to me personally.

Story video and more details coming soon (as well as a limited number of prints) and FYI his latest record, “Everything as it should be” has just been released and it’s beautiful!! don’t miss it

Andy Gullahorn Gina.jpg
Ellie Holcomb.jpg

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