Let’s Dig a Well

I don’t often write here but I have many disjointed thoughts I’d love to hold onto. So, I guess this spot will do for now even if only to bookmark it for later.

Last night I came across an Instagram post that struck a cord with me and because the theme keeps popping up in my life I had to share.

Don’t build an empire, dig a well.

When I read this aloud to Tim he asked why this meant so much to me or, if I was re-sharing it, what was it in response to?


As I think of my own vocational work in the world as a painter or the work of InSpero as a non-profit I am connected to for the good of my city, I’m often tempted to push toward the lie that more/bigger/faster is better for I love the “idea” of big impact .

I’m tempted to try and build an empire… I can get a lot done.

But I wonder … when I am getting a lot done am I just spinning my wheels?

I love large canvases. I love broad strokes, vision, and ideas. I love starting but not finishing.

in the past I’ve enjoyed working on many things at once but as I grow I’m beginning to believe less is more.

in the past when I’m movin’ and shakin’ I’ve said in passing, “Well, Aslan is on the move.”

Tim Hurry has been quick to counter with, “ I think you mean, ‘Gina is on the move.”

That’s not to say I shouldn’t participate in life but deep down I know the difference between frantic activity and faith-filled rest.

When I quiet down and really listen to my own heart, the wisdom of those I deeply admire and respect, and the gentle whisper of God, I’m reminded I prefer the small, the slow, the genuine, the deep, and a more quiet pace. These are more soul-satisfying.

I prefer the gentle rhythms of grace when I don’t push or fight to get whatever it is I’m after.

Life is more beautiful when I’m responding to the Creator and all his good gifts with gratitude rather than fighting to create a place in the world in so many ways. The truth is I’m already provided for.

When I slow down I see where my good Father has already provided for me, for InSpero

As always for me, the hard work is just to believe….and in the meantime let’s dig a well.

Here are a few more of those good and challenging words from last night:

“All the talk of building, growing, and being bigger will steal your joy. Don’t build your empire on YOU. It will set you on a path of constant comparison, pressure, and angst.⁠⠀
Instead, dig a well. Find the living water in the soil where God has planted you. Give all who God brings to your well a refreshing drink. You aren’t missing out, falling behind, or not enough. Dear friends, STAY at your well. Be a place where others find Jesus.⁠⠀
You don’t need more money, followers, clothes, stuff, or a better brand. “Life isn’t out there somewhere. You don’t have to go conquer it or achieve it. Just look at the people right in front of you. When the anxiety to ‘do more’ creeps in, remember to keep your eyes on the One who satisfies the soul. Stay.Right.There. You are free. Dig a deeper well and invite others to stay. Keep offering the thirsty living water.”
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