One Day Soon

Sinking deeply into this #assureasthesun process and have about two weeks of painting left ahead of me.  This has been a challenging process but I sense the Lord is doing a deep work.  

Yesterday I finished this piece about the idea of HOPE...and waiting.

It's SO hard to live with our deepest desires in this in-between time.




I know I am being carried on the wings of prayer and I am so grateful for my village and the creative team around me.


My friend Dave Burden in Nashville gave the following talk  about this Hope we carry inside of us... I listened to this FOUR times yesterday while i was painting this piece.  


If you, my kindred friend are also living with desires it seems nothing in this world can satisfy... 

take a break from the noise and drink deeply of God's grace.  Dave's words are a cup of cold water for thirsty souls.


(thank you Melanie for pointing me toward the deep well)


"Riches of Groaning, pt 1: Looking Past our Suffering"

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