Unless the Lord

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Unless the Lord


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Soaking in the truths of Psalm 127 for Birmingham, and my own heart inspired this piece titled "unless the lord." So much of the vision for this piece has been fueled by having my imagination stirred as I sit with a small faithful group of friends and pray every Saturday morning for God to bring revival to Birmingham and rename her despite her scars. 

As the founder of InSpero Birmingham, I deeply believe God is using the creatives (risk takers, visionaries, dreamers, pastors, artists, and makers) in our city to bring restoration and renewal toward that end that she would be renamed "the city beautiful." As I hope and dream for InSpero Birmingham and how the faithful work of creatives and artists can impact our city for good — this project has lifted my heart — and reminded me that God is big and I am small.

Unless the Lord builds the city we labor in vain.

Jesus holds me and Jesus holds the city.

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prayer for Birmingham (print)

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