There's so much story and heart behind these two pieces I don't even know where or how to begin.  

Bottom line:  I believe beauty stirs hope.

May your hope be stirred and your gaze lifted.


By His Wounds
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This image from a war memorial in Lucerne, Switzerland has haunted me for more than 30 years and

this is the second time I've used the image in a painting...

both times inspired and moved by the need to cling to something true 

for myself and for others who are weary in the journey.

Theres something so healing and powerful in being reminded HE has gone before us:

 HE KNOWS OUR SUFFERING, our betrayals, our loneliness, our failures and our weakness...

we were HIS enemies yet HE moved toward us in love.

As I ponder the Aslan figure from CS Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia who has become a big part of the story of my church and speaks courage to the heart of my dear pastor- this is really WHY I chose to step into this project for this time. 

I believe the Trinity is longing to draw us - His Bride- into deeper intimacy with HIM as we slow down, listen, wait and engage with mystery. I believe by faith that HE desires to use BEAUTY in this next season to gently woo and lead our hearts toward deeper faith and extravagant worship.  

The gold reminds me of the transfer of glory and power and life and love...

drained from Heaven and freely given to those who believe.

May we sink more deeply into the riches of His boundless grace, love, and mercy poured out for us through the gift given in 

Jesus Christ-

the pearl of great price.

As soon as I finished this piece -I knew I couldn't end the story in the grave...

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This Resurrection piece was created to speak life and power and hope to me and to you.

I really had fun in the "process" of creating this one...

imagining Jesus having just come from conquering the grave -coming up from the depths. 

As I splattered "glory" and paint and color from far above the canvas and then going back to my knees to wipe all that had splattered off of his precious face- I wondered what it must have been like as HE rose victorious?

COVERED in glory...shattering death.


As I worked on this piece...anointing... and pouring out bottle after bottle of my most extravagant fluid

golds these words echoed over and over in my heart;

 "It's too much, it's too much, it's too much!!"

I even began to feel a little guilty pouring out so much extravagance and then I began to imagine the

conversation in deepest heaven before the beginning of time...what would Redemption cost? 

WHO would enter in?    

The COST would be TOO much...almost out of reach... but worth the most extravagant sacrifice.

And then,

 Jesus volunteered.

YOU and I were worth it.


As I was finishing up I happened to stumble across a paint color in the studio called "winter blue"-of course-

so I added one final pass with a nod to CS LEWIS - it is true-  winter is over and now death is working backwards. 



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